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I have only recently used Kodi. When playing some movies from external HDD at about 40 minutes, the playback stops and exits. There is no way to get past that point. Not playing, not moving forward or jumping to a later minute. Assuming the movies are good (1 out of 12 may have errors, 3 out of 12 may not), what could that be https://19216801.onl/ https://routerlogin.uno/?

I use a Nexus Player, with Android M devenlopers preview, Kodi 15.0 Beta2, HDD western digital My passport 1 Tb formatted in HTFS.

Edit: I add information. The same movies with vlc are closed the same. I have divided the movies into several parts. For example, a 2-hour one that stopped at 40 minutes, split into two 1-hour parts also stopped. Instead in 4 parts of 30 minutes DO NOT STOP. Could it have more to do with file size than kodi?

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