Por Kevin249
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Hey guys, recently ran into a problem when upgrading some hardware that causes my pc to freeze/lag.

I recently installed a M.2 NVME SSD which has caused my pc to sporadically freeze but allow mouse movement, if u then click on anything nothing happens until the pc completely freezes not even allowing the curser to move. Then quickly in freezes and completes all the commands you used when it was frozen. Even CNTRL ALT DLT doesn’t work when it is frozen.

The strange thing is nothing is on the new SSD only 1 game. Other games and apps are on a HDD and I have a 2.5 sata SSD which holds windows and other applications.

The only thing I can think is that I had to move the other drives into another sata port as the m.2 removed the use of some of them.

Any help is appreciated and anything I might have missed.