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A couple of weeks ago there was a notification for a system update. When I tried to download it - it got stuck and since the wi-fi connection was poor, I just left it.
Then the device began behaving strangely (don't remember the specifics) + google play pushed updates for most of the android/google apps and many more apps. So I figured out something had happened (probably a new version) and tried to manually check for system updates (via settings -> about phone -> system update). That's when I found the update from a couple of weeks ago still stuck in queue. This time I was home with good wi-fi - both connection (signal) and speed. But the download would start and pause immediately, saying "waiting for wi-fi". I tried the 2.4Gh connection, the 5Gh connection - and nada - won't acknowledge that the device IS connected to wi-fi (and other apps that require wi-fi - all work as before).
Now the notification appeared again - and again it won't recognize the wi-fi connection?

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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Por isrrael-12
No entiendo bien por el ingles, pero no puedes descargar la actualizacion de su sistema operativo? si pudieras hablar en español te ayudaría con gusto.

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