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I updated my desktop on 1/3/2018 with the Windows 10 update 2018-01 (KB4056892). Since then, the CPU has had a significant load and I have also experienced problems with several applications. It is no longer possible to use the Windows Edge browser (this application will open, but it is not possible to scroll, access links or enter data). I have tried to repair and to rest the application. Internet Explorer works to some extent, but not well. I have had similar problems with a few other software applications. I have performed this update on my HP laptop and no issues resulted. The significant difference between my laptop and desktop computers is my desktop has a SSD drive. All of my driver software is up to date based on the HP Support Assistant. I would appreciate any ideas to resolve these problems.

Please help.

I didn't find the right solution from the Internet.

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Por materna526
Yo también he tenido muchos problemas con esa versión de windows, me tuve que devolver a windows 7, no me dejaba crear carpetas en ningún lado y tenia que usar programar externos molestos

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