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Hi. Looking for a bit of advice on a post Sky problem. There's a few threads here that are relevant but none that seem to cover exactly what I need to do. Apologies in advance if haven't cottoned on!
I had a Sky HD+ box downstairs. It was fed by an aerial on the roof which in turn then went back out from the RF2 socket way up into the loft on the other side of the house into a Labgear 1 in 2 out splitter with power for the splitter supplied by the Sky box. This fed TVs in a bedroom and the bathroom (previous owner was a gadget man!). Worked perfectly for the upstairs TVs to receive freeview.
Ive had SkyQ for a few days but I'm cancelling it as it's not the way I want to go for entertainment.
I will be buying a new UHD TV for downstairs and I've just bought a BT youview box for the bedroom. The bathroom will be fine on freeview as is.
Question is how do I now split aerial so 1 connection goes to the new TV downstairs and another goes upstairs to feed the splitter with signal and power and thus the BT box and bathroom TV? I have no need for anything magic eye or remote related just a good strong RF signal.
I've spent the evening looking at gizmos on the net but I figure out what I need exactly

Any help appreciated.
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