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So im completely new to kodi so apologies for any silly questions. Ive downloaded it on my firestick and saw this sub and lots of reccomendations for Seren. I installed it and also made a premium debrid account as reccomended & authorised it.

Its completely unwatchable! im not sure what Ive done wrong. It lags every second and even when I pause and try to let it buffer a while it doesnt help. The same thing was happening on venom + debrid.

I then installed the crew and everything has worked perfectly, no lag at a10.

l. I didnt link my debrid account with the crew so im wondering if debrid is causing the issues? (Ive ruled out any wifi issues). It only gives me the choice to stream 720p video (which is fine im not bothered about it being 1080p) and I read that debrid provides 1080 and 4k quality streams.

Could it be that perhaps the movies on Venom and Seren were 1080p and thats why they wouldnt run smoothly? When I clicked on a movie it didnt give me the option to choose a stream I just clicked on it and it would play whereas on the Crew I get a few different streams to choose from. Is this normal?

Hope somebody can help as I see so many of you use Seren perfectly with no issue and Id ideally like more than one add-on that is reliable!

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